Developing mixed-use commercial residential and retail projects

We have provided building services consultancy on several mixed-use developments over the years. Mixed-use developments are rising in urban and out-of-town locations because they can bring regeneration and a much-needed boost to the local community. Mixed-use developments offer opportunities for communities through socialisation, the bringing together of residents and employees helping to increase well-being. Projects can blend residential, restaurants, commercial, offices, bars, and communal spaces. With a chronic housing shortage and large shifts in the way we work, mixed-use developments are being reimagined to meet these changes and provide the opportunity for vibrant spaces that meet the diverse needs of both businesses and residents.

Technological integration and using land efficiently, produce sustainable development that enhances the quality of life and builds positive environments. Our team can meet this need for excellence in mixed-used developments through our experience in a range of projects over many decades, ensuring we can facilitate comprehensive MEP and Sustainable design and consultancy services. 

Our experienced mechanical, electrical and sustainability engineers have the knowledge to deliver on ambitious sustainability targets and can help with initial projects, surveys, feasibility studies, design, and project management for contractors and developers. Here are just some of the mixed-use developments we have supported our clients on: 

101 Camley Street, King’s Cross

We designed mechanical, electrical, and public health services for this mixed-use scheme in King’s Cross. We were proud to achieve a WiredScore platinum award for both commercial residential spaces and delivering premium digital connectivity for our clients. 

The implementation of the energy strategy measures proposed under Cudd Bentley Energy Strategy have included the provision of Air Source Heat Pumps, Combined Heat a Power (CHP) and Photovoltaics (PV). The assessment of the residential elements of the development under the Code for Sustainable Homes November 2010 – Addendum (2014) have achieved for all 121 dwellings a score of 70 which equates to 4 Stars under the code rating system (Code Level 4). The commercial spaces assessed under the BREEAM Non-domestic 2014 Office (Shell only) assessment, the final certificate achieved a BREEAM rating of 74.3% which equates to an excellent rating.

Welwyn Garden City

This project was a major redevelopment that would include residential dwellings, a hotel, healthcare, and workspace. Our support and services included BREEAM reports targeting sustainability goals, along with the inclusion of green spaces and the provision of cycleways. The proposed energy strategy included Individual Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units to serve the base heating and hot water demand for the residential blocks and the hot water demand for the gym. Air Source Heat Pumps have been specified to serve the heating and cooling demand in the commercial units, hotel and townhouses. A BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ for the commercial element and a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 for the residential element was targeted within the development.

Clarendon Road

A blend of apartments, retail units and office space, the Cudd Bentley team supported the design of Clarendon Road to ensure services were hidden and create clean modern interiors. The proposed energy strategy included for high energy efficiency and passive measures, Air Source Heat Pumps have been specified to serve the heating and cooling demand in the commercial units. A BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ for the commercial element was targeted within the development.


The proposed development consists of the demolition of the existing buildings and structures, the erection of a ‘co-location’ scheme, incorporating residential, industrial, community and commercial uses, together with associated landscaping, access arrangements, car and

cycle parking, servicing and refuse and recycling. The proposed energy strategy technology included a central Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and Photovoltaics (PV) to provide both heating and hot water demands in conjunction with top up high efficiency boilers in a central plant. A BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ for the commercial element was targeted within the development.

There are many other mixed-use developments we have supported our clients, click here to view more of our showcase to work. 

Our team works across a range of experiences to ensure mechanical, electrical and sustainability engineering is integrated with our design and planning team to deliver cost-effective ambitious targets for our clients. Alongside our utilities and public health team, we offer a vast range of solutions for clients that enable the team to meet the increasing market desire for mixed-use developments. Our clients have a unique set of goals for their projects, and we have the experience and skill set to tailor support to align with their desired outcomes.

If you have an upcoming project for any mixed-use development whether commercial, retail, residential or workspace properties, please do get in touch for an initial conversation with the team to discuss a bespoke building services consultancy service package.

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