Cudd Bentley Achieves Platinum WiredScore Award

Cudd Bentley is proud to have achieved a WiredScore Platinum awards for both Commercial & Residential spaces on a recent project called Enclave KX, in 101 Camley Street, Kings Cross. This development is a podium with 2500m2 commercial areas at the bottom and two residential towers above, with 121 units.

This is quite a significant achievement as gaining a WiredScore at the Platinum level is the highest standard and showcases our capability to deliver premium digital connectivity for our clients.



There are certain recognisable standards within building projects such as BCO and BREAAM; WiredScore sits with these measures of excellence to provide exceptional spaces to live and work. WiredScore is the benchmark for digital connectivity and smart technology. It is a global certification that provides a standard for buildings to reach a best-in-class infrastructure to facilitate environments for both residents and businesses that offer superior connectivity.



A1 – In-building mobile performance – Assessment of mobile performance for all mobile operators, by analysing the results of a Radio Frequency (RF) assessment complying with WiredScore’s RF survey guidelines. Design, statement of work or full commitment to install an enhancement system that would meet the expected level of performance (Two or more for Platinum, of the UK big four mobile operators: Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three).

B2 – Points of entry diversity – Provision of multiple Points of Entry (POEs).

B3 – Points of entry capacity – Multiple dedicated telecommunications ducts in place.

C1 – Telecommunications room sizing – Provision of telecommunications rooms, appropriately sized in proportion to the NLA of the building, to support equipment from multiple providers contained within secure cabinets.

C4 – Leak/flood protection for telecommunications room – Credits if the telecommunications rooms are located above the floodplain and local leak/flood protection is present.

D1 – Riser protection & access – Provision of risers protected within a closet or room on each floor and easily accessible by authorised users.

D6 – Riser capacity – Provision of vertical containment for telecommunications services, appropriately sized in proportion to the NLA of the building.

F3 – High-speed provider service – Commitment to provide service, from multiple high-quality service providers, highlighting connectivity options available to the building (Three high-speed providers required). 

By striving to meet this standard, buildings such as Enclave KX raise the bar in providing they have creating assets that ensure they are future-ready.

For occupants & residents of Enclave KX, IT connectivity is a desire from the point of view of mobile performance and security. In terms of commercial space & residential units with 1 gigabyte a second fibre, with commercial space facility to move up to 10 GB a second, Enclave KX gives speed, access, resilience, and security which will appeal to businesses.



The UK government has developed a Wireless Infrastructure Strategy for the purpose of ensuring all populated areas in the UK can enjoy 5G plus technology by 2030. This is backed by a £40 million fund aimed at helping industries innovate and transform ways of working and conducting business through evolved communication and improved connectivity.

Achieving Platinum-level WiredScore demonstrates the Cudd Bentley team’s commitment to delivering efficient progressive urban spaces to live and work and supporting this nationwide strategy.

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