Effective partnerships are key to successful project delivery

With over four decades in the sustainable engineering building consultancy industry, the Cudd Bentley team have learned that being able to liaise and communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders on projects is the key to success. The most critical element for profitable projects and positive outcomes is relationship building. Without forming effective partnerships right from the start and ensuring ongoing effective communication, there is no way to deliver projects effectively and successfully.

At the initiation of a project, our experience and knowledge mean that in the discernment process, we identify the solutions we will need to employ as well as quickly gain an understanding of the key stakeholders in a project. This enables us to place the right resources on-site at the right time so that targets are hit keeping budgets on track.


Communicating at the start of a project means that not only is the brief completely understood, but also stakeholders have been identified in terms of the people who have responsibilities and can make decisions about certain aspects of the project. They are the individuals who need to be kept informed at various stages and phases depending on where the project is at. Whether this is via e-mail, phone or in meetings, the communication must be crystal clear, and everybody must walk away knowing what is expected of them, timings and who is responsible. This sounds basic but it is at the core of complex projects and building effective partnerships.

Bespoke solutions

Having a team with a range of experience gives us the capability to offer multiple solutions and a truly unique service. We have spent decades building partnerships such as close professional relationships with developers, Main Contractors and Specialist D&B Contractors. We know how important it is to keep the balance and communicate effectively with all the moving parts of a project including interacting with the end users.  

Our building consultancy services

We offer a varied and comprehensive design and consultancy service. From the initial project surveys to feasibility studies, design work and services for completion, the range of our experience and service is an essential ingredient to fulfilling projects successfully. With our comprehensive range of building consultancy services, our skilled and experienced team can support you with the following services:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Sustainability
  • Public health
  • Utilities
Project delivery for multiple sectors

The use of the building is the most important element of all projects. We work to budget on projects so that the solutions we generate are cost-effective but also meet practical and technical expectations and deliver excellence. The sectors we support:

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Leisure
  • Mixed Use
  • Residential
  • Shopping Centres
Effective partnerships are key to successful project delivery

Delivering a project successfully hinges on strong communication and an innate understanding of the key stakeholders, the end user, and the purpose of the building. The result is high-functioning sustainable buildings that promote energy efficiency and positive spaces.

Sustainability services

Our sustainability team offer a comprehensive range of services to assist with project delivery, including:

  • SAP/SBEM/TM54 Energy Modelling
  • Part L compliance reports
  • Energy Statements
  • Sustainability Statements
  • Overheating Analysis
  • Daylight modelling
  • BREEAM/LEED/WELL Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Net Zero Reports
  • Whole life carbon and Circular Economy Assessments
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Greenhouse Gas Assessment
Early stage integration of sustainability into design

Through the amalgamation of our experience and knowledge of sustainability best practice in the construction industry with early stage design and clear communication, we ensure that both legislation requirements and desired sustainability credentials are achieved in a streamlined manner. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, everyone can be sure of their responsibilities in helping to achieve sustainability credentials, reducing costs and delays throughout a project.

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