What is Utility Engineering?

We recognise utility procurement can be a complex, time consuming task; Cudd Bentley Consulting offer a niche procurement service to assist Clients in obtaining utility asset mapping, utility service quotations, and pre-contract negotiations.

Our experienced utility engineering team can offer detailed feasibility studies, and utility reports for planning, whilst maintaining an understanding for financial and specific site constraints.

Cudd Bentley has provided utility services for:


Consulting and developing methods of supply and distribution of water is not just critical for human survival, it plays an important role in commercial operations. A sustainable water design is a key factor in ensuring a better future, as such our engineers can also develop irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems.


Electrical utility work involves the installation and maintenance of power distribution systems. This ensures a reliable and continuous power supply to the project site. Many projects, whether residential, commercial, hotels or industrial, rely heavily on a stable source of electricity to operate efficiently. Electrical utility work can involve the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and practices. This is becoming increasingly important in modern projects due to the emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations.


Telecom utility work involves the installation and maintenance of communication infrastructure, including telephone lines, fibre optic cables, and wireless networks. This infrastructure is essential for enabling communication within and outside the project site. Projects often require high-speed and reliable internet access for various purposes, such as data transfer, research, communication, and collaboration. Telecom utility work ensures the deployment of the necessary networks to meet these data connectivity needs.


Natural gas is a versatile and efficient energy source used in various projects for heating, and powering equipment. Gas utility work ensures the installation and maintenance of gas distribution systems, providing a reliable energy source for the project. Although gas is not a sustainable way of heating a building, it can be critical for occupier’s process requirements.

At Cudd Bentley, we can be engaged right at the start of a commercial or industrial project for a utility assessment and to collaborate on the design and construction of systems. We can also be engaged to undertake a utility asset management plan and a high-level risk assessment to ensure no service is left uncovered.

What is utility asset management?

Our skilled and professional engineers develop utility asset plans which often involves the understanding of the utility assets and how they will be maintained. We utilise our knowledge and expertise to develop utility procurement services on a range of sites. We know that the clients we work with not only need a reliable energy supply, but it is also essential that the sources they use are cost-effective.

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