Site Progress at The Perfume Factory

Cudd Bentley has recently visited the site of The Perfume Factory to check on its progress. This new mixed-use development is located in the bustling heart of Acton and has been prioritising sustainability since the project first began.

The Perfume Factory is being developed by Telford Homes, one of the leading sustainable urban housing developers in London. And being designed by Darling Associates, an award-winning architectural firm with a reputation for designing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

The development will feature 370 apartments, 4 retail units, a car park, and amenity spaces. It has been designed to promote sustainable living and reduce carbon emissions, featuring renewable energy initiatives such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

This project is expected to serve as a model for sustainable urban housing projects in London and beyond. Becoming a testament to the power of collaborative design and the potential for sustainable buildings, making a positive impact on our cities and communities.

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