How we Deliver Net Zero Building Consultancy

Many of the organisations we partner with are working towards net zero targets therefore we strive to provide clarity and simplicity on what feels like a complex and ambitious goal. Whether it is working on an existing building or ensuring a new project meets net zero carbon targets, the strategy that we develop provides clients with a realistic roadmap to success.

Cudd Bentley has the expertise within the team to identify opportunities for carbon reduction in varying projects. We aim to deliver clear and easy-to-understand advice that follows a thorough assessment of current carbon emissions on existing properties to identify areas for improvement and baseline levels at the start of new developments.

Design Process

When we begin a design process for a brand-new development, the first thing that we go through with our clients is an understanding of their needs. We aim to work closely with the design team, and potential users of the building to generate cost-effective solutions and installations. Following that discussion, we then draw on our professional experience in sustainable building development to conceive solutions that meet their needs as well as meet net zero carbon targets.


Being Net Zero Carbon in the construction and operation of all new developments is a core pillar of our objectives. We require embodied carbon and operational energy to be measured in design/construction projects.

Developing a Strategy

The aim is to build a strategy that looks across all areas, such as design, construction materials and methods alongside low-carbon energy solutions. On all projects, we meet the brief’s practical, aesthetic, and technical expectations, and incorporate net zero solutions in every area with clear outcomes for our clients.

We also have the experience and knowledge to reduce carbon emissions in existing structures. We set out simple steps that will take our clients towards their goals utilising low-carbon technology alongside our professional expertise. We provide clear outcomes towards our client’s goals from our work.

How we Deliver Net Zero Building Consultancy

From limiting waste generated during construction to measuring all upfront and operational carbon emissions, the Cudd Bentley team examine every area impacted through development.


We aim to deliver high-quality spaces for people to live, work, and thrive. Positive physical and mental health impacts are always considered by our team.


Community is important, and we aim to have a positive impact on local communities while increasing social value.


Eliminating waste and improving resource efficiency through circularity.
As a building services consultant, Cudd Bentley’s objective is to help clients incorporate circular economy principles in their projects to achieve both economic and environmental benefits.
The aim is to deliver circular economy within developments, by assessing the site and identifying opportunities to reduce waste, optimise resource use and recovery, and promote reuse and recycling of materials.
We integrate the circular economy principles into every stage of the design and construction process, from sourcing sustainable materials, efficient use of energy and water to design buildings that can be disassembled and repurposed at the end of their useful life.


We are delivering numerous projects that take into account the whole life cycle carbon assessment as a core consideration. To achieve this, we follow a structured approach that involves conducting a thorough assessment of the project’s carbon footprint from start to finish. This enables us to identify areas of the project that could potentially have a high carbon impact, and we then work closely with the design team to minimise and mitigate the risk.
In order to keep whole life carbon targets as low as possible, we work with the wider design team to establish clear embodied carbon targets and identify the best measures that can be implemented throughout the project to reduce emissions.
Right through the project life span, we are involved with the project team to monitor and document the carbon footprint. This helps the team to identify any unexpected or increased emissions and make necessary adjustments to keep carbon footprint as low as possible. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes for all our projects, and to ensure we are leading the way in delivering low-carbon solutions to our clients.

The result for our clients is a collaborative design process that ensures their needs are fulfilled, energy demands are minimised, and regulations are met.

Net zero building consultancy means that the Project Managers we support have peace of mind and complete confidence.

For the Cudd Bentley team, this is not a box-ticking exercise, we are completely committed not just to serving our clients but to a sustainable building engineering practice that encompasses every single aspect of the building projects we are involved in. It is a commitment that runs through our organisation as we continually develop both team members and the way we do business to reflect this ethos.

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