Meeting ambitious sustainability targets in new and retrofit projects

Whether you are charged with new construction or have the task of retrofitting buildings to reduce carbon emissions, meeting sustainability goals without expert guidance can place pressure on project leaders. On the one hand, there are strict regulations surrounding new construction that can make targets seem unattainable. Yet when faced with an older building, achieving decarbonisation within the existing constraints can seem daunting.

When we begin working with clients at the start of the project, there is always an overarching question posed to us….

“How can we best achieve our sustainability goals?”
It’s not surprising that targets and goals may feel unattainable because whether decarbonising existing buildings or meeting regulations on a new project, achieving sustainability targets encompasses many different areas and skill sets.
Initiating sustainability projects

The first thing we do for our clients is pull all the threads together into a clear, manageable plan. Because the Cudd Bentley team is made up of various qualified engineers and sustainability consultants, who have worked in a range of disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, public health engineering, architectural, and building physics engineering, it means we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. Simply put anyone heading up a sustainability project needs this breadth of experience to achieve targets. In addition to this, we understand national and local authority regulations and how to meet compliance whilst at the same time delivering clients’ sustainability aspirations.

Helping heads of projects

To head up a large-scale successful sustainability project means being able to build a professional experienced team. A project lead’s role is the bridge between different areas which means anybody they work alongside, must be an exceptional communicator and deliver exactly what they say they will do in terms of tasks or resources that are needed on site. Every client and project is unique, and our sustainability team recognise the key to project success is effective collaboration that yields a clear understanding of the aims. We know that we can deliver best-in-class project management because of the skills and experience of our in-house specialists. Simply put, they are exceptional at listening to clients, understanding needs, and putting together strategic sustainability plans with key milestones.

How to retrofit for sustainability

With rising costs and the economy still challenging, it’s easy to see where the pressures for asset managers and building owners come from. Prioritising sustainability and net zero on tight budgets can feel almost impossible. Our sustainability team are acutely aware of these challenges and will often initially identify quick wins for clients around repairs and maintenance that meet budgets. We can then work with them to use data and modelling to give visibility on the overall picture of carbon in a building. We set out a net zero roadmap and sustainability strategy that includes refurbishing, maintenance, and a clear set of achievable outcomes year on year.

Achieving ambitious sustainability targets on new developments

Whilst a new development may seem easier than retrofitting, understanding a site and the whole picture of sustainability is critical to achieving ambitious targets. Our sustainability team have full cognisance of net zero and biodiversity targets alongside regulations set by local authorities. Before any project even breaks ground, we have the skill set to deliver the numbers that will inform our clients on the viability and feasibility of a development before it kicks off. Once again where we excel is in making this manageable for project leaders by delivering data and clear, step-by-step plans that outline how targets will be met.

If you have ambitious sustainability goals, please contact our team today so that we can help you reach them.

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