Managing projects successfully from start to end

At Cudd Bentley we understand that the successful delivery of a project is the culmination of an integrated and cooperative team approach. This approach must encompass every aspect of the planning, design, coordination, specification, procurement and construction stages of the project life cycle from multiple design agencies and project stakeholders.

To assist and facilitate smooth delivery, Cudd Bentley are able to offer a dedicated project management role through our building services and sustainable engineering consultancy. This is a comprehensive service that fully manages every aspect of a project, from the provision of planning submission support at the outset of a development, through to the management of dilapidation works at the end of a lease.

What is best in class project management?

Project management is the identification and understanding of the projects specific aims and defining a team approach by developing and documenting the processes required for achieving delivery of these goals. Part of this process is clear engagement with all team members and implementation of clear milestones and success markers. This is undoubtedly a collaborative enterprise that requires a managed process with reporting built in, ensuring all stakeholders have clear visibility of progress through all stages.

There is one critical element that must be consistent in every single project if it is to achieve its aim and that is communication, so when a project has lots of moving parts these need to be coordinated with clear, effective, and frequent communication between all parties.

At Cudd Bentley, we have skills and the experience of in-house specialists who can be focused to oversee and manage a variety of projects ensuring lines of communication are clear, concise and productive, with frequent comprehensive updates communicated effectively across the project team network.

Project Leadership

In addition to communication, arguably, the second, most important component of a successful project is strategic leadership. For commercial projects to commercially succeed, time management and deployment of resources are critical. A well-managed process will ensure early identification of challenges which may be handled and regulated to mitigate programme delay and resource wastage.

From retail to hotels, residential buildings, warehousing, and industrial units, most projects require a range of specialists to achieve the aims, these engineers can come from multiple fields including the following areas:

• Mechanical Services Heating and Cooling
• Electrical Services HV/LV
• Critical Power
• Fire Protection/Detection
• Public health
• Telecommunications

• Smart Technology
• Sustainability
• Carbon Reduction
• Vertical Transportation
• Acoustics
• Specialist Lighting

Dilapidation works

Dilapidations clauses are part of the legal conditions in a tenant lease to cover repairs, decoration, and condition of fitments before vacating the premises. Not only can Cudd Bentley provide building services conditions and dilapidation survey and reports, but our project management team will consult with our clients in the first instance in conjunction with the condition report and form a plan to execute these works and manage the project.

From the initial site survey through to an examination of the lease and engaging with contractors to implement remedial works, Cudd Bentley are able to manage every step of the process for our commercial clients, alleviating worry, reducing concerns and minimising impact on their time.

Managing projects successfully from start to end

The Cudd Bentley team have a proven track record of collaborating and communicating effectively with all stakeholders through all project timelines and keeping all contributing partners up to speed and on track.

Through robust monitoring, highly technical knowledge, quality and pride in our work coupled with the application of a sustainable approach throughout, we have the experience and know-how to lead services engineering projects from inception to completion without hiccup.

If you are looking for an accomplished established and well experienced building services consultancy, design review or project services management, please contact our professional team today to have an initial conversation.

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