How we support Heads of Projects with Sustainable Engineering Consultancy

Heading up large-scale developments is a challenging role and Heads of Projects must be exceptional communicators able to organise and problem-solve effectively. These projects can only be executed if the leaders can collaborate with others who can support them by working with Agile and innovative methodologies.

We are proud of the premium level of support we deliver for the property development companies we work alongside. There are various stakeholders on large-scale projects and Cudd Bentley often works closely with heads of project management to ensure they can deliver their projects on time and within budget.

From residential to industrial to healthcare, here are just some of the incredible projects we have collaborated on:

Heads of project management: the challenges

Often when we are approached by a brand-new client, it is because they have worked with other engineering consultancy companies but have been let down in multiple ways. This can range from the level of service that has been delivered to the quality of engineering staff on site and the response times to their issues.

Our skilled engineers work under tight time constraints as we know that any large-scale developments such as industrial and commercial properties are only profitable when they’re up and running. The scope of projects can often range both in size and specification depending on investor and occupier needs and therefore the Cudd Bentley team always tailor our consultancy to match use and desires.

What is sustainable engineering consultancy?

Successful sustainable engineering consultancy always has this awareness of client needs alongside a commitment to consistently evolve practice utilising advances in engineering and technology. This is always balanced against delivering best-in-class buildings that continually innovate and benefit the occupants.

The demand for urban and sustainable logistics has certainly been fuelled in recent years by significant growth in online commerce. This has been driven by consumers who have an expectation that they can order goods and have them in their hands overnight. The supply chain depends entirely on developing industrial and warehousing units capable of producing, storing, and distributing these goods.

Services Cudd Bentley can support

We work in collaboration with heads of projects on a range of building solutions. Each project is unique, and as such, we will conceive a bespoke solution for the client’s individual needs and budget. At the start of a project, we can be engaged to carry out initial project surveys, feasibility studies and support with the design.

The clients, goals and timeframe are put at the centre by the Cudd Bentley team.

Whether we are working on commercial buildings, industrial spaces, or warehousing, promoting energy efficiency and utilising Lean principles in construction are integrated with architectural solutions that create positive workspaces. Our comprehensive service encompasses the following:

• Mechanical engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Sustainability
• Bin/CAD
• Public Health
• Project management
• Utilities

The outcome for our clients

Where the Cudd Bentley team excels is in powerful, effective, and transparent communication. What this does for the Heads of Projects we work with is ensure the right people are on the right job at the right time. This enables the project leads to resource properly, speeds up due diligence gives them the confidence that the project will be delivered on time.

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