Achieving sustainability targets on major commercial developments

We are often approached now by clients who have ambitious long-term sustainability and net zero targets. The end numbers for major commercial developments are calculated long before the site is acquired, and the ground is broken. Our sustainability team can build a strategy for our clients that begins with initial reports that set out the scope and viability of their targets so that they have a full understanding of the feasibility before the investment takes place.  

Identifying a site for development

Let’s focus on one such commercial development, warehousing and logistics. These sites depend on the ability to distribute goods and sites are usually acquired due to their strategic location and proximity to rail and road links. Aside from the recognisable planning constraints set out by the local authority, there are sustainability considerations around planning that also now come into play. With recent legislation around biodiversity net gain, for example, any commercial development must now consider this before proceeding. This early stage is often when our skilled sustainability team are first engaged in working collaboratively with our clients. We can generate reports and step-by-step guides so that clients know the cost per square foot as well as the sustainability considerations and factors before they go ahead with any investment.

Sustainability regulations and policy

Minimum net zero, sustainability and biodiversity targets are set by local authorities for any commercial development. Our sustainability team have full awareness, not just of how to adhere to these, but also of how to go above and beyond those standards. The Cudd Bentley team advise our clients not just on current regulations and policy, but what is planned so that they are aware and ready to react to coming legislation.

The commercial yield through marketing sustainability

Alongside the U.K.’s commitment to net zero targets, investors are keen to put capital into projects that can demonstrate ESG values. Our clients are therefore able to present to potential investors where we can achieve high sustainability standards through our report. We produce this in the first instance to ensure the project is appealing to investors but also for the long-term so that it can be utilised to attract those tenants that will occupy the warehousing and logistics space. Our clients need to be able to show their potential tenants that they are committed to sustainability. Projects with high sustainability ratings are ultimately more appealing and marketable. We are proud to have worked in collaboration with our clients to achieve some of the highest standards of sustainability in commercial developments. Our team is comprised of:

  • CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants
  • CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors
  • Domestic Energy Assessors
  • BREEAM Assessors
  • In-house WELL and LEED-accredited professionals

The team has embraced not just clients’ targets but has pushed sustainability targets above and beyond on several projects.

Please do take a look at some of our recent sustainability achievements on warehouse and logistics projects:

If you are targeting ambitious sustainability targets on your commercial developments, please do have a conversation with our high skilled team by clicking here.
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